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About the story:

The Norse myths are some of the most well-known stories in the Western world. I've loved these stories so long that they feel like old friends, and I am certainly not alone in that respect. But regardless of how well we might know the myths, there is no denying that some Scandinavian deities are more popular than others. 

   The Unsung Saga is not about those deities. These are stories for those of us who are not cisgender, heterosexual, able-bodied white men, who want to see ourselves represented in the stories that are important to us. These stories are about the characters who are vilified or ignored, but who have always been there in the margins.

   The five myths that The Unsung Saga covers focus on the women, racial minorities, and queer individuals in Asgard, and bring them into the limelight. To be clear: this is a retelling, not a revision. My intent is not to change these stories to suit my own agenda, but to draw out the details that have been neglected and fill in the gaps in the texts in a way that is meaningful to all of us who are ourselves unsung.

About the author:

Al Honaker is a witch, illustrator, and anarcho-communist. They were born in small-town South Carolina and hold a BFA in Illustration and Humanistic Studies from the Maryland Institute College of Art. They encourage you to call your local government representatives until we get the proletariat revolution sorted out, and to never give up on outgrowing your internalized biases. 

   Al lives in Austin, Texas with their roommates and two cats. You can find their other comics and artwork on their website.

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